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Saturday, 11/08/07 @ 7:36pm


Happy 14th Birthday Nakajima Yuto!!!May your dreams come true...


First Post Desu! [
Saturday, 30/12/06 @ 4:30pm

Okay so I'm finally 'officially' opening the Yuupyon (my pet name for Yuuto, because he is such a pyon type of person! -squishes) LJ-community. So eh, welcome!

What better way to kick off a community than a visual feast? though this is more like a visual crumb

The first 2 are olde scans from Wink Up Aug 06 and the last 2 from Duet Jan 07. Apologies for the thumbnails really being well, thumb-sized, but I need them small enough to use for the gallery section of the Yuupyon FL, which, surprise, surprise, I own as well!

Anyway, that's all for now. More pics in the future! I don't actually have a lot because I don't buy mags (those I have I scanned from my friend's), so I hope you guys will fill in the void yup. Hope to see lots of posts from all!
(4) POKE!

Sunday, 17/12/06 @ 8:22pm

[ mood | cheerful ]

hey, hey, hey, have you seen (oh, I bet you have but I have to ask anyway) the performance of Yuuto and Yamada in one of recent Shounen Clubs? I mean that one when Yuuto sung 'D.N.A.' and then joined Yamada for 'Seishun Amigo'. it wasn't new to me that our dear strawberry-boy is getting taller and all, but the way he acts on stage lately makes me think something along the lines of 'give him another year or two and you won't even remember someone like Akanishi ever existed'... ok, maybe I'm overdoing a little. however, it is a fact that little Yuuto knows how to move far beyond his age :). 'atsuku Venus, moete Venus...'
oh, since I don't know when will I be able to appear again - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! lots of sweets in your socks!


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