amatsuki (amatsuki) wrote in yuupyonnn,

First Post Desu!

Okay so I'm finally 'officially' opening the Yuupyon (my pet name for Yuuto, because he is such a pyon type of person! -squishes) LJ-community. So eh, welcome!

What better way to kick off a community than a visual feast? though this is more like a visual crumb

The first 2 are olde scans from Wink Up Aug 06 and the last 2 from Duet Jan 07. Apologies for the thumbnails really being well, thumb-sized, but I need them small enough to use for the gallery section of the Yuupyon FL, which, surprise, surprise, I own as well!

Anyway, that's all for now. More pics in the future! I don't actually have a lot because I don't buy mags (those I have I scanned from my friend's), so I hope you guys will fill in the void yup. Hope to see lots of posts from all!
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